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nice. just in from chaos organizer:


It is not easy for me to write this. We have kept out club free of drama and controversy and that's what has made our club so fun. But I can no longer remain silent when someone makes fun of us. I cannot remain silent on this any longer. Some of you have made me aware of this and I felt it should be shared with the club.

I'm disappointed to read anti-gay remarks being made by the owner of a company that sells and markets scooters to our community. I know some of you have purchased scooters from Sportique Scooters. I just want you to be aware of the anti-gay remarks being made online by the owner, Colin Shattuck, on the Scooter BBS forum. Colin posts on the forum as Decadron. You can read the comments for yourself and decide if this is a man you want to buy your next scooter from. I am tired of him making fun of us, our rally and Erico Motorsports.

decadron Mon May-07-07 09:06 PM

dude. you guys musta failed to look at the calendar. That is totally Chaos weekend, man. I'll be in the bushes with a boy!

decadron Sat Apr-12-08 08:45 PM
"yo' Red6"

did you see the theme for gayoss? It's "Fired up".

was that your idea or just another attack of the clones? Your goin' on down for Peak SC that weekend I hope!

-Jerky C

decadron Wed Jun-04-08 01:49 AM

oh. ok. I hope you flunkies have fun. My GTS, my checkbook and I will be at Gayoss buying some sweet new Ducati gloves from the lifestyle experts at Erico. I hope to pick up some grooming advice as well.

with so much drama in the DCD it's kinda hard bein' sport I-Q-U-E.

decadron Tue Jun-03-08 05:11 PM

(sarcasm)what?????? you scheduled an event the same weekend as Colorado Chaos? That's just plain disrespectful! Are you too clueless to check and make sure your not stealing someone else's weekend or are you just such shameless self-promoting profiteer assholes that you don't care what events yours conflicts with? You know - people like you are what suck about the scooter scene.(sarcasm)

with so much drama in the DCD it's kinda hard bein' sport I-Q-U-E.

decadron Wed May-21-08 01:07 AM

If i'm gay can I come?

with so much drama in the DCD it's kinda hard bein' sport I-Q-U-E.

Red_6 Wed May-21-08 01:31 AM

He said "if"!!!

Fire It Up!

theRooster Wed May-21-08 09:55 AM
In response to Reply # 2

Yes, but you MAY like Colorado GAY-oss better.

decadron Mon Jun-09-08 01:14 PM

Once again the 'Springs crew proved that you don't need to live in an actual city to throw a killer party.

I hardly even felt let down for missing Gayoss.

Thanks again, Peak S/C

See you at MHM 11 Metal From Heven!

with so much drama in the DCD it's kinda hard bein' sport I-Q-U-E.

nice, huh? pure class.

this is just one of the many reasons i don't shop at sportique: because they're assholes. well, i can be pure class too:

Colin Shattuck: fuck you, and fuck your mother, and fuck that rusted-out metal-body piece of donkeyshit you rode in on, and fuck your clientele and your club while you're at it. maybe if you get laid you'll fucking relax. we can dream, right?
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haay video

video from the 2News coverage of the ride! pulled by Yours Oh My And How. also have archival-quality copies if for some weird reason ppl want one.

also blogging to modchen, which feed will prolly update this afternoon, so don't shoot me if you see this twice, mkay? mkaaaay.


scoot for tots this saturday: INFO

if you're going to do this with me, sign up HERE:

it's free. lunch is provided afterward, don't forget. last hurrah of the season, unless you're me, i.e. insane enough to try to ride all the way through winter.

there will be, um, Spanish Coffee (no guarantees on what that actually *is*). i'll be AT ERICO about 8:30. c'mon, it'll be fun.
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Saturday, Nov 17th is the 4th Annual Scoot for Toys ride.
ALL scooters and scooterists are welcome!!

Mayor Hickenlooper is leading the ride!

Meet 9am @ Erico for coffee & bagels. (2855 Walnut Street)
Lunch will be provided at the end of the ride by Bennett's BBQ.

Bring a new, unwrapped toy to donate.
You will receive a raffle ticket for every item donated for a chance to win a new Corazzo Jacket!!
Prizes also given to the best decorated holiday scooter and scooterist!

Register at

You can contact me if ya have any questions!

oh dude, i wanna ride with Mayor Homie!
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hey does anybody want to go to this?


Club Organizing Meeting
Wed, Oct 24, 2007 06:00PM (~1 hr)
Aurora Honda, 200 S Potomac St., Aurora
It is OK for members to bring guests.

"There are 14 so far. Please reply ASAP with your vote on the two dates. Include any comments that would help me set final date/time. These two work best for our hosts. I need a headcount for the refreshments, so please let me know if you are bringing guests. My plan for this meeting is to brainstorm events for the coming year and for volunteers to come forward to lead those events. Come with your suggestions. With this system we can vote on events as they are getting planned. We can even have some off season. We can do rides, meets at cafes for Scooter chat, whatever. If you can, come on your scoot so we can take a picture of the founding members and their rides."

i don't think i can, due to the working and all, but it's there if anybody's interested.
HP scooters

Pre-Halloween Scooter Ride - Oct. 28th

Not sure if any of you would be interested (I can't get myself to Denver personally), but thought I'd post it here anyway...just in case.

As posted on

Pre-Halloween Ride!

Well its almost time for cold weather, snow & not being able to ride your scooter. So lets get everyone together one last time for the season before everyone says it too cold, or your scooter is in a million peices for paint.

We're gonna do a Pre-Halloween ride on Sunday October 28th, costumes are mandatory for everyone. 

We will be meeting at my house at 2pm sharp so we can ride before the sun goes down and it gets too cold. We are gonna cruise up Colorado, onto Colfax and down into Metro like we have done in the past, go past Mile High then onto Federal to Speer, and we will take Speer back through CC to good 'ole Sam Taylor's for BBQ. We are gonna try to get some of the new Metro group to roll as well. 

You do not need a Ruckus for this ride, bring whatever you would like to ride. Tell anyone who owns a scooter about this. 


If anyone is interested in joining up with this group, I can get the meet-up address for you.  Or if you're on any of these forums then you can get it yourself.  :P  This is a crazy, fun group of people.  I just wish I could get myself to Denver for this.  :(