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Denver Devil Bunnies Scooter Club
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Denver Colorado Scooter Club

Welcome to the official website for the Denver Devil Bunnies Scooter Club!


The Denver Devil Bunnies first came together for ScooterFest 2006 in Denver, Colorado. We welcome scooters of all shapes, sizes, colors, and engine size! Devil Bunnies enjoy getting together to scoot, share stories & cocktails, and bask in the love of all things Scooter. The only membership requirement is a love of scooters!


Membership is currently OPEN to all scooter riders. Please join this community for up-to-date club news, planned rides, shared scooter information and general scooter-ness! This community is public and open to all. If you are not a LiveJournal member, you can still participate - just be sure to sign your reply to posts.


Once you join this community, please make a post to introduce yourself and tell us about your scooter. Pictures welcome and encouraged - but please put behind an LJ Cut.
No spamming. No flaming. No drama. Be nice!


This is a brand new group and we would like to hold scheduled rides at least once a month, on the weekend - weather permitting. Schedules and planned activities will be posted in advance. All planned rides are suitable for 50cc scooters.